Trek to Harihar Fort – 29/06/2013


Type : Hill forts
Fort Range : Trimbakeshwar
District : Nashik
Grade : Medium
Height : 3500 feet

Harihar Fort is, located in Igatpuri region of Western Ghats, situated at an altitude of about 3, 676 ft above sea level,this unique fort is built on a triangular prism of rock.

When the event details for this was posted, I thought of Harihareshwar and then realized that these are 2 completely different places. Also saw some pics posted of last years event & my my, I was hooked. The adrenaline started running in my blood. Climbing the rock cut steps (one person at a time mind you!!!) at 80 degree incline. Now that is something.
The meet point was at Dadar TT from where we had to board a bus. Reached on time and learn’t that bus is late. Most often people are late and bus on time but this time it was vice versa. Saw many poeple already waiting and saw my friend Viral standing in a corner. So I had company now. Finally the bus came around 6.45 am and we boarded the bus. As usual, i went to my favorite place, the back bench 😉

More people got in from Thane (including my identity thief – JAAL) and some others. As the bus moved ahead we started playing music on Jaal’s phone and were singing along. Manoj (our leader of course) started serving idlis for breakfast which I ignored as I usually don’t have breakfast (reasons to personal to mention here :P)



Took our pee/poo break at Kasara Hotel and had some tea. Manoj informed us that it is nearly 1 and half hour journey from Kasara. So yet again we hopped in to the bus and sped away. Had nice fun as the weather was awesome and mild drizzle with fog looks lovely. 

Reached our base village Nirgurpada (hope I got it right) and after introduction round started our journey around 11:00 am or so. Walked through lush green fields and farmers toiling away.


Walking towards our destination was making my heart race as I saw the fort & the barely visible crack (which actually were the rock cut steps). As we neared the fort, saw the steps & was like wtf!!! (read that as what the freak).

People were slowly climbing the rock cut steps one by one as it had only enough passage for one person.


Completed the first phase of ninety steps and headed to the another 120 steps. Climbed those also. It was really fun to climb these steps as you can view the whole surrounding area and also cling to the rock cut steps for your life as one minor mistake can be dangerous.


Reached the top where people had already started their lunch. Waited for friends and began our lunch which was Theplas (courtesy Khushi – Viral) and awesome Chhunda (by Viral). Jaal gave some Cheese & bread. I contributed Plum Cake.

After lunch explored the fort area clicked some pictures. Finally Manoj called and asked us to started our descend. We began our descend and had to climb down as we came up (which was a bit scary as the wind was howling and blowing fast)


Finally we reached the base by 5.30 and the girls & some guys started getting into dry clothes at villagers houses. I wasn’t much wet so didn’t change. Went to the back took of my shoes & rested. On the return journey sang some slow songs which I usually avoid as I sing very softly 😀

Stopped at Kasara Hotel again for refreshments, Had a nice spicy Misal Pav and began our journey back home. Reached Dadar at around 11.30 from where another Trekker – Saroj caught a cab and dropped me en route. So the day was finally over & had really nice trek. It was not a very tough route so wasn’t much tired.

Visiting these forts have made me realise that we have such beauties in our state & why doesn’t our govt. care for them. Are they here just to earn & fill their pockets. Shivaji’s work is going futile. Hope we can save and try to restore our heritage.
Next adventures gonna be fun as I am going to visit my favorite fort – Ratangad. Till then stay tuned mates!!!


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